Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Small Business Owner Jenny Steffensmeier

Published on09 AUG 2019

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and small business owner Jenny Steffensmeier discuss the issues on the minds of Iowa voters and why the state’s economy is appealing for small business owners.

Gov. Reynolds on the Iowa economy: “We're really proud of our agricultural heritage because we feed and fuel the world. And it's something we’re extremely proud of, but there is really a lot going on in Iowa. We are very innovative and entrepreneurial at nature. And a lot of that comes from our ag background. But we have tremendous culture and restaurants and amenities and parks and low cost of living. It's incredible.”

Steffensmeier on running her welding company: “It's hard not to talk about the workforce challenge because it's so real…. Sometimes it feels like a revolving door…. I do really believe that there's something large to be said for some family-owned businesses that allow for flexibility, and I know that myself and my leadership team believe very strongly in taking care of our employees and I do believe that they see the value in that.”


This episode was filmed at the Iowa State Fair. 

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