Kirsten Green, Founding Partner of Forerunner Ventures

Published on23 OCT 2019

Kirsten Green discusses the investing approach that has guided her success as a venture capital investor in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, as well as her views on the constantly-shifting consumer landscape. 

On evaluating new investments through founders: “When I think about what are some characteristics I look for - I'm trying to partner with people who have a vision for what the world could be: Who they're serving. What the opportunity is. What the need is. What space they're playing into. It’s great to have a business model vision too. I also really need to have people who can take a vision and turn it into action.”

On empowering women in the venture capital community: “There need to be more women check writers so that they have a broader view of what companies need to come to life and that will hopefully in turn spark more opportunity for founders that are also diverse.”

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