Lauren Bush Lauren, Alleviating World Hunger Through Social Entrepreneurship

Published on29 SEP 2014

Lauren Bush Lauren, founder, creative director and chief executive officer of FEED Projects, discusses social entrepreneurship and world hunger.

On the global state of hunger: “Hunger affects more than 800 million people worldwide. It seems like a far-away, abstract, overwhelming world issue, yet it still kills more than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Hunger is a very real, very important issue.”

On the origins of FEED Projects [which raises awareness and funds for world hunger through the sale of high-quality bags and apparel]: “As an anthropology major and photography minor, my career could have gone anywhere, but I knew I wanted to pursue either the creative route or the humanitarian aid route. I came up with the idea for the FEED bag to sell something people would want to buy and carry that also gives back in a tangible way.

On the importance of school meal programs: With the [FEED-funded World Food Programme partnership], kids go to school and stay in school. They learn better. Girls in these countries are more likely to go to school because they are sent home with extra food rations for their families. This program is helping to lift children out of the poverty cycle they were born into.”

On the strategy behind the FEED Projects’ partnerships: “A major part of my strategy was to form partnerships with existing brands, retailers and designers, and with that, spread the FEED brand and grow its reach. I find joy in marrying our look and branding with another company, yet maintaining the integrity of the brand. It’s an interesting partnership dance where you need to be mindful of what another company wants to communicate and get out of the partnership.”

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