Laurie Hernandez, A New Voice of Inspiration

Published on29 SEP 2017

A gold medalist at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, a New York Times bestselling author and Dancing with the Stars winner, gymnast Laurie Hernandez is not slowing down as she looks towards her next goals (including graduating from high school).  The 17-year old is embracing perhaps her most important title – role model – to inspire young people around the world to be courageous and tenacious, and to follow their dreams.

On being a role model: “I now have a voice, I now have a platform, and I now have the ability to speak on the things that I feel need to be heard.”

On finding courage: “Courage isn’t just saying that you’re not afraid to do something…It’s the fact that you are afraid, and that you’re terrified, but you do it anyways.”


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