Lexi Thompson, Professional Golfer

Published on15 OCT 2020

In this episode of Talks at GS, filmed at the Builders + Innovators Summit, professional golfer Lexi Thompson discusses her experience playing on the LPGA Tour since the age of 15, growing her own personal brand, and the process of launching her own company.  

On what drew her to the game of golf: β€œI started golfing when I was five years old. I grew up on a golf course. And having two older brothers that played golf as well just got me into the game at a super young age. And I always had them to play against growing up and to learn from and I started tournaments when I was seven years old. And just to keep me interested, I always had the competition of having them around and starting at a young age, but at the same time you can never perfect in golf. So, I was always super determined to try to find a way.”

On growing her brand through partnerships: β€œIt's been important to have people have the same passions as I do, and just strive for greatness and to be as good as they can be, whatever skill that shall be. So, that's very important for me and I met up with the skincare group that is South Florida-based and they're just amazing people and passionate to launch [LEXI Skin], and get it going and just be successful. But it's not only about being successful, it's just loving what they do, and just always striving to be better.”


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