Louise Hulland, Broadcaster and Journalist

Published on18 OCT 2021

Louise Hulland discusses her latest book, Stolen Lives: Human Trafficking and Slavery in Britain Today, about the rise of human trafficking both around the world and in the UK specifically. 

On the size and scope of human trafficking: This is £120 billion a year crime. It is low, low risk, very high reward for the criminal gangs. So for them, they have no qualms about treating people as poorly as they need to do, whether it is supplying someone already vulnerable with their substances, that they need to keep them under their control, whether it's luring them with the possibility of a better life and a better job, or whether it's through control and fear.

On telling individuals' stories to highlight the bigger picture: I think any good normal, healthy person cannot get their head around the amount of people and the level of suffering that there is on the planet, and sometimes you need to look into the eyes of one person, and all of a sudden that brings the context that you need.


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The episode was recorded on July 1, 2021.

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