Loyd Grossman, An American-British Gastronome on Global Food Trends

Published on20 MAY 2016

Broadcaster, entrepreneur and gastronome Loyd Grossman has made a career out of his fascination with food. The first-ever host of MasterChef in the UK, Grossman later created his own brand of cooking sauces, which has become one of Britain’s most successful food brands. Here he discusses global trends shaping the culinary industry.

On the birth of food as entertainment: "Before MasterChef, the only food programs were programs about how to cook. The brilliance of MasterChef was that it wanted to present food as entertainment. It was the first really entertaining, popular show about food, and then it took off and was the zeitgeist. It was exactly the right timing."

On the global "food craze": "The food craze never seems to reach its peak. Every time we think it has, it just goes on to another level, because food is a relatively cheap and easy way to experience new thrills. No matter how expensive restaurants get to be, they will always be less expensive than going on holiday."

On what venture he’s enjoyed the most: "I think whatever comes next is what I’ll enjoy the most."

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