Mark Teixeira, Retired Major League Baseball Player

Published on23 MAY 2019

Retired New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira shares highlights from his 14-season career playing in Major League Baseball, his thoughts on the future of the game, and his work off the field as a philanthropist.

On the 2009 New York Yankees World Championship team: “Because we won a World Series that first year, personally it completed my career. And then it kind of validated the offseason spending spree that the Yankees had that year. They brought in myself, C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett [and] traded for Nick Swisher. If any one of us were not on the team, I don’t believe we win the division or win the World Series that year because we each played such an important role of helping that team win. But Brian Cashman made a huge bet that offseason and it paid off.”

On his philanthropic work with DREAM: “Kids deserve to play. They deserve to have a great baseball field, softball field to go out and enjoy this great game and we're taking the toughest of the toughest kids. They are in a lot of situations, they're the first ones to ever go to college.…We're not just kind of filling a hole in one hour of these kids' days…. It is a full program, Saturdays, weekends. The kids are busy summer and so it's engulfing their entire lives and saying we believe in you. You need opportunities and we now have three charter schools. We're building a new high school in the South Bronx. I’m just super excited about where we're going with DREAM because we're impacting so many kids' lives.”


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