Marni Walden, From Mobile to Media - Transforming Telecom

Published on21 SEP 2016

An industry once marked by cell phones and wireless internet, telecom is making waves in the content space. Marni Walden, executive vice president and president of product innovation and new businesses at Verizon Communications, discusses changes in the industry, investing in content and why going beyond wireless is good for business.

On creating new opportunities from a core business: “[Verizon’s] networks have always been who we are – they are the foundation of our success. You’ve seen the digital economy, particularly video, explode because you are enabled by these networks.”

On Verizon’s relationship with the content business: “Our relationship has always been more about licensing linear content. And now as we have different audiences and different platforms, we think about owning content. We think about having content in viewership and revenue-share models, and monetizing them in different ways.”

On leadership: “I surround myself with very diverse people who think differently and can give me different opinions. Leadership is about building great teams that you trust.”



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