Michaël Jérémiasz, Paralympian and Former Professional Wheelchair Tennis Player

Published on09 OCT 2020

In this episode of Talks at GS, Paralympian Michaël Jérémiasz discusses the injury that left him wheelchair bound, and his work to change perspectives on disabilities around the globe. 

On changing perspectives on disability: “My job is to change the world and fight against this discrimination, and to do so I know I need every person, no matter their responsibilities, just to make sure that we all have the same rights, the same abilities. I want to feel that people are just keen and willing to live together.”   

On recovering from a life-changing injury: “Sports just really helped me at a time to be more independent, to be able to go from my bedroom to my wheelchair, from my wheelchair to the toilet, to having a shower, to dress up. All the things that you teach your kids when they're very, very young – you have to start from scratch basically, which I did, surrounded by some amazing nurses, care system, doctors, family, friends.”


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