Ming Mei, Co-Founder and CEO of GLP

Published on16 APR 2019
Builders & Innovators 2019

In this episode, filmed at the Builders + Innovators Summit in Asia, GLP Co-Founder and CEO Ming Mei discusses the business of logistics from real estate to fund management and how he incorporates the latest technology to scale the business globally. 

On his customer base: “Logistics is becoming a global phenomenon, but also in our business we think of it in two set of customers. We have a set of customers that use our facility and our service. Then we also have another set of customers that give us capital to manage, and we manage on behalf of pensions, sovereign wealth funds. So, we have two sets of customers.”
On scaling his business:
“Once your business gets to a certain scale and size, there is an ability to create different businesses out of it. So, for instance, if I own one warehouse, I would be just a rent collector, but when I own 800 million square feet of warehouses globally, I create a financial business out of it and then leveraging the warehouse as a connecting point to connecting the transportation and the goods that flow through it and leveraging the financing to do supply chain financing…. Once you get to a certain size and scale, you can start leveraging different aspects of technology and assets in place and create different revenue streams and different businesses out of it.”  



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