Mitt Romney, US Senator from Utah

Published on10 OCT 2019

US Senator Mitt Romney discusses his perspectives on the current political landscape both at home and around the world and his views on American foreign policy during a time of rising geopolitical tensions. 

On confronting the national deficit: “I don't think we have an immediate crisis that we're going to hit on debt, but long-term we're going to have to be honest to young people coming along about what the deal's going to be for Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid. Those programs I think have to be adjusted, not to affect current retirees or people that are nearing retirement, but for younger people.… If we don't deal with them, we could find ourselves in a very severe economic setting where we do face the kind of debt crisis that suggests interest rates going up. I don't see the interest rates going up because we can't sell our bonds, but, at some point, that could be an issue.” 

On a collective foreign policy towards China: “Even their neighbors, they're our friends. So, linking arms with them economically, militarily, geopolitically, getting closer to our allies is key to us having the economic might to convince China to turn its course away from the confrontation and predatory approach they've taken so far.”

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