Muffet McGraw, Winning in Women’s Sports

Published on21 SEP 2018

Notre Dame Head Women’s Basketball Coach Muffet McGraw discusses her Hall of Fame coaching career, the keys to building a winning team, and her hopes for the future of women’s sports.

On building a winning team: “I’m looking for things much more than talent. It’s not the best player. It’s really the best fit. I want people that are unselfish, that are going to be leaders. You look at how they react in negative situations. I love to see them lose. I want to see them when the ref is making some calls that maybe they don’t think are great calls. I want to see how they react to their teammates.”

On winning through adversity: “I think you learn about your character through adversity. This year we were undefeated and we went to Louisville. We lost by 40 on national TV. We were humiliated. It was 100 to 60. It was the worst loss in program history. And it’s why we won the national championship – because of how we rebounded from that to come to the next game, to come from behind and win.”

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