Former Ambassador Nikki Haley, Author of With All Due Respect

Published on11 DEC 2019

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley discusses her experience as a leader in both domestic and foreign affairs.

On her approach as UN Ambassador: “I said we are going to have the backs of our allies and we're going to be taking names of those who aren't with us because I wasn't going to be putting up with any country saying, ‘Death to America,’ or countries that were trying to stab us in the back. I was going to make sure that they knew I was there and wanted to work with them, but that if they tried to play games I was going to be taking names.”

On bringing more women into politics: “We have so many experiences and to be able to put that into what's happening in our country and in the world is so important. And so just reminding people that, is it hard? Yes. Are you judged? Yes. Is it toxic? Yes. But does your voice move the ball? Yes. And in a time where we need to see strength in our country, we need normal, real people getting involved in some way, in any way, advocating for what they believe in.”

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