Parag Khanna, The Future is Asian

Published on06 FEB 2019

Geopolitical expert Parag Khanna gives his perspective on the rise of Asia, U.S. policy towards China and his prediction that the ‘Asianization’ of Asia will lead to greater economic, political and social coherence across the region.

On the “Asianization” of Asia: “‘Asianization’ is first and foremost about this process of Asia growing back together again. So to me… the biggest story in the world today is not the rise of China…. It’s the collective resurgence of Asia and the ‘Asianization’ of Asia. It’s the bigger story.”

On U.S. policy towards China: “This is how a superpower becomes a superpower and China is repeating that playbook almost to the tee, but just in the 21st century. So we found ourselves in this position…. The train has left the station on China’s rise up the value chain.”  

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