Paul Lindley OBE, Founder of Ella’s Kitchen

Published on26 NOV 2019

Ella’s Kitchen Founder Paul Lindley OBE discusses the inspiration behind the popular baby food brand, his work to improve childhood nutrition and how businesses can balance purpose and profit.

On the mission of the business: “The point was to improve children's health by giving them a better relationship with food, and we could do that by bringing new packaging, new recipes and a new production process, a new way of marketing. [Bring] all these risky things together and try that, and it worked.”

On balancing purpose and profit: “I really wanted to show my kids that you live life once and if you've got a passion, if you've got something you're really excited about, you should follow it even if you don't know where it's going to go. Evaluate your risk, but take risks and do things that you enjoy…. Now my kids are 17 and 20. They're becoming their own people, and that's what I'm encouraging them to do. Don’t conform because people tell you to conform. Be curious and explore and then find yourself.”

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