Paula Kerger, President & CEO of PBS

Published on04 APR 2022

PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger discusses disruption in the television industry, the reinvention of PBS, and her perspective on leadership as the longest serving female CEO in television.  

On navigating disruption in the television industry: “Our business is to impact individuals and families and communities, and that just takes us down a very different path.  I think you have to stay in it for the long haul. People always ask about the future, and they focus more on what changes.  I think you also have to really focus on what’s your guide star, what is that place that you need to make sure you’re staying relentlessly focused. And for us, it’s the quality of the content.”

On the mission of PBS during turbulent times: “I think being able to light up the power of stations in every community across the country is tremendously important, particularly at this moment in time when I think that being able to stay focused on getting facts and information to people so they can make good life choices is profoundly important.”

On keys to successful leadership: “For me, being able to lead not only from your own experience, but from your heart and yourself, has worked. And I think that, as I encourage others around me, you’ve got to find your own path. You’ve got to find your own voice, and be comfortable that that’s going to guide you forward.”

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This episode was recorded on March 15, 2022

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