Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos Quarterback; Super Bowl XLVIII Champion

Published on22 MAR 2022

Denver Broncos Quarterback and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Russell Wilson discusses his football career, his multiple business ventures, and the philosophy that has guided his success both on and off the field. 

On the question that fuels his ambition and success: “That ‘Why not you?’ question.  That was a fundamental question.  My dad used to always ask me.  And it was a subconscious/conscious question that he always asked me.  And for me, when my dad used to always ask me that, he was, like, ‘Why not you be great?  Why don't you graduate early?  Why not you … play two sports?  Why not you be a great business leader?  Why not you?  Why not you?  Why not you?’ And I think that no matter what we go through in life, that's the conscious and subconscious question we all have to ask ourselves.”

On the mental coaching philosophy that guides high achievers: “To me, neutral thinking is really about the truth and really to transform the truth into success and transform the truth into your next opportunity, into the moment.  And so negative thinkers think about the past, and they think about the future.  Neutral thinkers think about right now.  And I think that is the difference between winners and the people who are able to overcome over and over and over again to get to this level where it's a different stratosphere.”

On what makes a strong teammate in both football and business:  “We're all going to face troubles and adversity.  And one of the things that we talk about is adversity talents.  And the best people, I want people around me that have adversity talents.  When stuff is hard, how do they react?  And to me, that's by your emotions, that's by your words and what you say and how you are.  And to me, that's what winning is.”    

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This episode was recorded on February 24, 2022

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