Samantha Power, Economic Empowerment and Global Diplomacy in Action

Published on03 MAR 2015

Ambassador Samantha Power, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) and a member of President Obama’s Cabinet, discusses her current role at the UN, foreign policy and women’s economic empowerment.

On her role as advisor to President Obama: “It’s a privilege to be in the room making an argument, but I think about the president’s role differently now. I don’t actually make the decisions and hear from the cacophony of perspectives that he does. It’s a tough burden to bear those consequences, so I try to make recommendations while bearing those responsibilities in mind.”

On the importance of empowering women: “[Elevating women] is pragmatic, not only because of the economic returns, but for the creation of inclusive governing structures. It’s an investment in national security.”

On the fight against ISIS: “It’s a long-term effort. Civil society has a critical role to play, and governments need to be better at integrating those perspectives. But it’s going to require strategic patience. Above all, it’s going to require the leadership and the courage and the resilience of people living in the countries where this horrific movement has taken hold.”

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