Samarth Kulkarni, CEO, CRISPR Therapeutics

Published on05 APR 2023

Samarth Kulkarni, CEO, CRISPR Therapeutics, discusses the current state of biotechnology, the opportunities for CRISPR gene-editing therapies – and their implications for the larger pharmaceutical industry – as well as his experience leading a young company at the cutting edge of technology.

On the future of CRISPR technology: "We're going to think of medicine very differently 50 years from now because we're not going to be popping pills. We're going to do one-time procedures to change your genome, and hopefully you're preventing disease or completely curing yourself of disease.  And that's the promise of CRISPR, which we're trying to exploit and advance today."

On learning from failure: "The one thing that is hard for most biotech’s and for me as well, is managing failures. In a world where 80% of what you do fails, you have to create an environment where you're celebrating the failure. What do we learn from that failure?"


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This episode was recorded on February 14, 2023

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