Sarah Casanova, Chief Executive Officer McDonald’s Holdings (Japan)

Published on04 MAR 2019

Sarah Casanova, chief executive officer of McDonald’s Holdings (Japan), discusses her role in building the McDonald’s business in Japan, the importance of implementing customer-centric strategies and her thoughts on empowering women in Japan, Asia and beyond.

On building the McDonald’s business in Japan: “The biggest challenge was that we had gotten away from listening to customers…. So the first thing we did was we got out and talked to customers and said, ‘What do you expect from McDonald's?’ And we heard the same thing over and over and over in different ways….  We want great tasting food. We want fast service with a smile. We want great every day value in a modern environment and can you please make McDonald's fun again?” 

On empowering women: “Don't promote women just to hit a KPI... Because that’s not the outcome we’re looking for. What we're looking for is to promote women and help them be successful. And men too, when you promote men, they’ve got to be successful or we're not creating value for the business.”

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