Sasan Goodarzi, CEO of Intuit

Published on22 JAN 2021

In this episode of Talks at GS, Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi discusses how the financial software company has navigated the pandemic and how software can empower the financial decisions of consumers and businesses around the world. 

On lessons learned from the pandemic: “From a business perspective, I would tell you that it has taught me that it's times like this where you have to double down on reinvention and really double down on being aggressive. It's easy in an environment like this to sort of put things to the side and say, ‘Well, we'll get to that later. That's too big of a transformation – a pandemic.’ And it's taught me and my whole staff that doubling down on the things that we've declared are more important now than ever before. Leaning forward on our toes and playing offense is more critical than ever before.”

On incorporating customer feedback to the business: “Personally, I'm in our ‘voice of customer’ Slack channels. I listen to our customer success calls. I do virtual site visits and a big part of it is engaging local customers and I capture my notes and we talk about it with all the leaders of the company. And what we try to do is just really balance where we're constructively dissatisfied, because, as you know, anytime you think you're doing well, all you have to do is go read all the V.O.C commentary and customers ground you very quickly on what's important. So, we try to expose that as much as possible across the company. And, I think it keeps us paranoid and it keeps us grounded.”



This session was recorded on January 12, 2021.

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