Scooter Braun, Disrupting the Music Industry

Published on18 OCT 2017
Technology Driving Innovation

At Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, Scooter Braun, founder of SB Projects, discusses his journey from the days of promoting parties in college to discovering pop star Justin Bieber on YouTube in 2008. Braun has become one of the most successful music moguls in the world, managing artists from Ariana Grande to Kanye West, while transforming the industry along the way.  

On discovering Justin Bieber: “Instantly when I saw the video, it wasn’t that I said, ‘This could be something.’ I actually saw everything until he was eighteen years old. I actually believed that I was looking at a kid that I knew exactly what to do to make him one of the biggest artists in the world, and I just had to find him.”  

On his creative vision: “I want to create something that when I wake up in the morning, I still enjoy my life and I can go after it and [if] I’m meeting other young people and they’re giving me an idea, I’m saying, ‘Let’s chase your idea also,’ and who knows what it turns into? I kind of live by this idea of why the hell not?”  



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