Scott Bessent, Chief Investment Officer of Key Square Group

Published on30 SEP 2020

In this episode, Key Square Group Chief Investment Officer Scott Bessent discusses the current investing landscape, how the digital transformation has impacted his investing outlook, and how he thinks tech will be disrupted in the future. 

On his outlook on the tech landscape: “I think we have to think with tech, how many companies pull forward three years of growth? And for me, tech is going to be other areas. I think space is becoming a real niche in tech. Obviously, with… the coronavirus vaccine, everything in biomedicine has been sped up. And my seat as a trustee at Rockefeller, I can see some of the most exciting developments there. And then green tech.”

On lessons from his investing career: “I'd say one of the main things is not getting run over by some big trend that you didn't see. And not trying to be too big, too early… But the thing I have learned is trying not to have too much muscle memory. Don't beat yourself up. And just because it didn't work once, doesn't mean it can't work again.”


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