Scott Kupor, Managing Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Published on8 OCT 2019

Scott Kupor discusses his time in the venture-capital community in Silicon Valley, his outlook on the future of the VC industry and how his new book can help entrepreneurs better understand how venture capital works.

On expanding the opportunities of entrepreneurs: “We were able to create a value proposition that resonates with entrepreneurs in a way that we think accrues value to entrepreneurs and therefore makes us competitive in the market.”

On how he evaluates a company: “We talk a lot in the book about storytelling... How good are you able to articulate a vision that is admittedly a vision today because you've got to go compete in Silicon Valley, particularly for engineers, which is a hard thing to do. You've got to go compete for customers... It's a highly qualitative kind of curation of people and ideas more than it is a spreadsheet exercise for sure.”

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