General Stan McChrystal, Effecting Change Through Public Service

Published on09 OCT 2014

General Stan McChrystal, former commander of the United States Armed Forces Afghanistan and founder of the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project, discusses the current geopolitical landscape and the importance of public service.

On effective military strategy: “Strategy is identifying objectives and the ways and means you are prepared to use to meet those objectives. If what you are willing to do is not congruent with your ends, then you’ve got a strategy that isn’t credible. Your strategy is then based upon a hope.”

On the importance of public service: “We’ve allowed citizenship to become a set of rights and a qualification, but not a responsibility. The idea behind the Franklin Project is to give every young American an opportunity to do a service year. Every person in America should feel that his/her responsibility goes beyond family and self. It goes to the covenant with other citizens.”

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