Terry Finley, President and CEO of West Point Thoroughbreds

Published on23 APR 2019

Founder and CEO of West Point Thoroughbreds Terry Finley discusses the business of horse racing from his vantage point of running the largest thoroughbred partnership management company in the world and his 2017 Kentucky Derby win with “Always Dreaming.” 

On how the partnership model works:  “We buy about 40 horses a year. And every horse that we buy we put into an individual syndicate. So if a person invests, they’re investing into a specific horse that they see the pedigree and they know the trainer and they know the circuit that the horse is on. And you share the upside and the downside and the revenue and expenses…. And so for the investor… what a partnership offers you is the ability to get involved at a very high level and to have access and exposure to the whole world of the racing business…. It’s a fascinating world that I know when people get exposed to it, people that get into it really get into it.”   

On improving regulation in horse racing: “Our culture has to improve around the industry. And we’re the new generation of leaders and I’d like to think that I’m in that generation…We’re going to put our foot down and we’re going to address the people who don’t do the right thing on a very daily basis. And if you always put the horse first and you always put them on a pedestal, you’re going to be okay in the long run. But there’s no doubt we have a lot of work to do and we’re going to do it though.”      


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