Toni Petersson, Chief Executive Officer of Oatly

Published on05 FEB 2020

Oatly CEO Toni Petersson discusses the company’s strategy to transform the non-dairy sector, the forces behind a growth in plant-based diets, and why sustainability is core to the company’s mission.

On the growth in plant-based diets: “I think we're in a very early stage and we're not near that tipping point yet where you can see this massive acceleration at a large scale. We're not there yet, but we're getting there. There's a couple of components that need to be in place before that happens: Big players—retailers—really actively working in that direction [and] worldwide change—moving political and governmental incentives.”

On why sustainability is core to Oatly’s mission: “I think for people today, sustainability is more of an ideology. It's a structured belief system, almost like a religion. But in this case, it's relied on what science says in regard to climate change and environmental issues. And I think we as a company have a license to take a place in that ideology—we just want to prove that you can be successful by doing good.”

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