Tyra Banks, CEO of The Tyra Banks Company

Published on09 AUG 2019

Tyra Banks discusses her groundbreaking career as a supermodel, her perspectives as an entrepreneur, and how she has become an expert in building a personal brand.

On growing her business strategy and going to business school: “I think with business a lot of it is gut, but gut does not necessarily allow you to scale you to massive heights. It can get you to a certain place, but I do think that there are a lot of people – and me being one of them – that need some formal teaching to take it to the next level. So my gut and my mom’s gut got me into the modeling industry, and I was very successful there. But I knew some of that can translate into creating a business, but not all of it.”

On the importance of building a personal brand: “If you can build your personal brand, it allows you to attract better team members…. It helps you to attract more capital. It helps you to attract more customers because people are understanding what you stand for. And a lot of the times, particularly today, people are not necessarily purchasing from just a company. They want to understand what that company stands for.”

This episode was filmed at the Iowa State Fair during the 10,000 Small Businesses graduation ceremony.

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