Victoria Beckham, Empowering Women Through Fashion

Published on12 DEC 2018

Victoria Beckham discusses her journey from pop star to fashion designer and how she aims to inspire and empower other women.

On starting her own fashion line: “It really was just about focus. It was about being aware of people’s preconceptions and just really working really, really hard – not to prove anything to anybody else really. I wanted to prove it to myself. It started with ‘Girl Power’ and now it’s about empowering women through fashion, making them feel like the best most beautiful empowered version of themselves.”

On how she creates her designs: “It’s about giving my customer each season what she wants. And I work very closely with my retail partners and I use social media also to really get to know my customers. So I know what she likes, what she wants out of her collection each season and it’s getting that balance between having those commercial pieces and having the fashion pieces as well.”

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