Virginie Morgon, CEO of Eurazeo

Published on11 SEP 2020

In this episode, Eurazeo CEO Virginie Morgon discusses her investment strategy in response to the pandemic, the company’s renewed ESG commitments and why she thinks having self-confidence is key to a successful investing career.

On the lessons learned from Morgon’s investing career: “If you have sufficient self-confidence – and it's not just about one person; it's about teamwork – and trust that your judgment is the right one. Don't feel pressurized, which might even change your mind, by the majority even if you're sort of alone on [your] judgments. It doesn't mean that you're wrong. You may actually well be very right.” 

On best advice to new investors: “Things are never as bad as you fear and they are actually neither as good as you hope. So you build things in time.  Private equity is sort of a marathon. It's not a sprint.” 

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