Virginie Morgon, A Global Outlook on the Future of Finance

Published on10 JAN 2018

As (then) deputy CEO of private equity firm Eurazeo, Virginie Morgon is making it her mission to expand the European-based investment firm globally, while also driving a diverse corporate culture. In this discussion, Morgon gives her outlook on the global markets as well as her thoughts on how to create an inclusive culture from the top down.   

On driving equality in the workforce: “My absolute conviction is that an organization is way more performing and efficient with women on board and with more diversity. It's true for culture, for nationality, for gender. It's true across the board.”   

On her business vision: “I’ve got a few mottos like we all have: ‘get out of your comfort zone when you’re strong enough’ and that’s something we did really every year over the last five years... and the other motto is ‘don’t just do something because we’ve done it for so many years.’ Let’s start from a blank piece of paper and see how we can reach for the way we assess an investment, the way we process the due diligence, the way to start from scratch every time.”


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