Weijian Shan, Group Chairman and CEO of PAG

Published on14 JAN 2021

In this episode, PAG CEO Weijian Shan discusses his investment focus in Asia, how the evolving US-China relationship impacts his investment approach, and what he has learned from key investments throughout his career. 

On the US-China relationship: “If the relationship between China and the United States further deteriorates, I think everybody suffers. I don't think we [PAG] necessarily have an advantage, except in the fact that we focus on investing consumption for businesses, which cater to domestic consumption. And therefore, we're not so affected by interruptions in trade flow, technology wars, and the like.”

On lessons from his career: “You have to invest in businesses which have meaningful entry barriers, competitive advantages that other people will not be able to imitate or to compete with. And that's what we look at for every deal. The first question that we ask when every deal comes to a committee is, what's so unique about this business? And we only invest in businesses which are unique in terms of entry barriers.”



This session was recorded on on October 1, 2020.


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