Goldman Sachs Announces the Launch of Marquee® MarketView

  • Goldman Sachs introduces Marquee MarketView, an innovative visual analytics dashboarding solution designed to streamline our institutional clients’ investment process in global markets.

NEW YORK – November 14, 2023 - Today, Goldman Sachs announced the launch of Marquee MarketView, an innovative visual analytics dashboarding ecosystem available through Marquee, Goldman Sachs’ digital platform for institutional investors and corporate clients. This new patent-pending tool provides visual insights developed by Goldman Sachs thought leaders that answer important questions in global markets with bespoke data analytics. Through a single, unified platform, investors can easily follow Goldman Sachs market trend analyses across asset classes, create personalized dashboards to meet their unique investment needs, and share insights with a click of a button for seamless collaboration.

The world of sophisticated financial analytics suffers from fragmented data and scattered insights. Context switching – between different platforms and desktop applications, spreadsheets, Python notebooks, web-based dashboards, research PDFs and screenshots in emails – is time consuming and inefficient. Incorporating new insights or analytics into the daily investment process often requires rebuilding them from scratch. As a result, the same piece of analysis is often rebuilt multiple times in multiple places by multiple people, simply because the analytics aren’t shared, or even able to be shared readily. Building an analysis requires extensive effort and the output is generally a static visual that lives in a PDF or email, offering little opportunity for others to incorporate it into their daily investment process.

With the launch of Marquee MarketView, Goldman Sachs aims to solve these problems by offering clients an interactive, customizable, and collaborative dashboarding solution providing visual analytics to streamline the idea generation and investment process. Available on both web and mobile, Marquee MarketView enables users to discover a wealth of insights developed by Goldman Sachs experts and delivered in the form of graphs and charts (widgets) to easily track and analyze market movements. The platform also allows for the creation of personalized dashboards, including the ability to pin and rearrange widgets to have the most relevant or interesting content accessible, which can then be shared with Marquee MarketView entitled colleagues for seamless collaboration.

“We are thrilled to bring this innovative new product to market for our clients,” said Chris Churchman, Head of Goldman Sachs Marquee. “Marquee MarketView provides a visual, interactive, and dynamic solution for anyone looking for a comprehensive and flexible tool to track and analyze global markets. Clients can leverage the best insights and data that Goldman Sachs and our partner vendors have to offer in an open ecosystem, while enriching their Marquee MarketView dashboards with their own insights in a private and secure way.”

Marquee MarketView provides visual insights leveraging a wide range of rich data sources, including Marquee’s extensive data catalogue featuring proprietary Goldman Sachs datasets, sophisticated analytics leveraging the powerful derivatives pricing infrastructure behind products such as Visual StructuringTM, as well as a variety of curated data from collaborating data providers including LSEG, FactSet, MSCI, Axioma, and Wolfe.

With an open ecosystem, users can open many widgets in Goldman Sachs’ market-leading time series analytics tool, PlotTool Pro, and explore how they were built. Additionally, users with a PlotTool Pro subscription can create their own insights by building on existing widgets or authoring entirely new ones, publish them in Marquee MarketView, and share with entitled colleagues within their own firm. 

Marquee MarketView is available to institutional investors and eligible institutional corporate clients of Goldman Sachs to explore, consume, and share insights. Widget creation will require a subscription to Goldman Sachs’ original time series analytics tool PlotTool Pro. Clients can access the product on the Marquee web platform as well as via the mobile app Marquee Trader Mobile, available on iOS and Android.

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