Goldman Sachs Launches First Class of 10,000 Women in the Middle East

Initiative a Partnership Between The American University in Cairo and The Wharton School of
the University of Pennsylvania

Cairo, February 8, 2009—The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) today joined with the
American University in Cairo (AUC) and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
to launch the first class of 10,000 Women students in the Middle East. The class of 34 women
began their coursework in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Leadership (WEL) Certificate
Program at AUC, where they will develop skills in business and entrepreneurship to help grow
their existing businesses. Women in the first class come from across the Middle East and are
owners of businesses ranging from manufacturing to information technology to tourism.

The 10,000 Women initiative was founded on research conducted by the World Bank, Goldman
Sachs, the Wharton School, and others, which found that expanding education and developing
the entrepreneurial talent and managerial pool in developing economies – especially among
women – is one of the most important means to reducing inequality and ensuring more shared
economic growth.

“The case is clear – business and management education for women is one of the most important
and overlooked means to create individual opportunity and spur widespread economic growth
globally and in the Middle East,” said Dina Habib Powell, Managing Director and global head of
Corporate Engagement at Goldman Sachs. “We are incredibly proud to be working with
prestigious partners such as the American University in Cairo and the Wharton School in the
10,000 Women initiative.”

Additionally, according to a recent World Bank report, The Environment for Women’s
Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region, “Women’s entrepreneurship
could help the region meet its challenges because empowering women and diversifying the
economy can go together and help the region meet the critical challenge of creating more and
better jobs.”

In addition to macroeconomic growth, research from Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, and the
United Nations series of Arab Human Development Reports found that female education can
have a significant positive impact on critical household and social issues, including improved
women's health, better education for future generations, and lower infant mortality.

“The women in this first Middle Eastern class of 10,000 Women are not simply students or
business owners; they are pioneers, and they are builders,” added Habib Powell. “They are
making the investments and the sacrifices to build a growing business, a prosperous family, and
a strong nation.”

The WEL curriculum is centered on enhancing the ability of women to succeed by teaching them
how to develop a business plan, secure funding, hire and manage employees, manage business
operations, understand basic accounting, market products and services, and how to balance work
and life. Participants will learn practical skills through mentoring and coaching from teachers,
established local entrepreneurs, and the people of Goldman Sachs. For example, the program
also includes a two-day course by the Financial Services Volunteer Corps, a nonprofit
organization that helps build strong financial systems in developing and emerging markets,
focusing on access to capital. Ashoka, a global association of leading social entrepreneurs, will
also be a partner in the region. Over the course of the five year program, AUC and Wharton will
train 500 women.

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative was launched March 5, 2008. It has partnered with
more than 50 universities and organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle
East and the United States to seek, create and develop programs to impact the quality and
capacity of business education in developing regions around the world. Other 10,000 Women
activities in the Middle East include a partnership between Stanford and the American
University in Beirut to develop business case studies. For further information on the 10,000
Women program, please visit

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