Email to Goldman Sachs Employees from Lloyd Blankfein and David Solomon

The following email was sent to all Goldman Sachs employees today:

March 15, 2018

Message From Lloyd and David

The advancement of women in the workplace – and more broadly the state of diversity at our firm – is top of mind for all of us. While we have made progress in recent years on women’s representation and ethnic and racial diversity, there is still significant progress to be made.

Equality of pay between women and men is also generating important focus around the world. At Goldman Sachs we pay women and men in similar roles with similar performance equally. However, the real issue for our firm and many corporations is the under-representation of women and diverse professionals both in magnitude and levels of seniority. We have made some progress, but we have significant work to do, and we, as leaders of our firm, are committed to doing this critical work.

Effecting change requires time, the collective focus of our people, and new thinking to drive incremental, but meaningful, progress for our firm. We are committed to having women represent 50 percent of our global talent over time. An important first step is to have women make up 50 percent of our incoming analyst class – and we are working to achieve this goal by 2021. In addition, we are working to increase the number of women and diverse professionals who join our firm through our lateral hiring efforts.

Of course, focusing intensely on hiring the best, most diverse talent at Goldman Sachs is just one of several aspirational goals we have set for ourselves as part of a more deliberate approach toward building a workforce that represents the communities where we live and work. We also need to hold ourselves accountable to providing more opportunities for women and diverse professionals to rise to the highest levels of our firm.

It is incumbent upon us to operate with a heightened focus on driving greater diversity in our hiring and promotion decisions to sustain and enhance our culture. Ultimately, we must ensure Goldman Sachs continues to be one of the best institutions to come and build a career.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about opportunities to participate in and engage with the firm’s focus on diversity and inclusion.

Lloyd C. Blankfein
David M. Solomon