Corporate Board Engagement

In 2020, we announced that we would only take a company public in the US or Western Europe if it had at least one diverse board member. In 2021 we increased this requirement to two diverse board members, one of whom must be a woman.

To expand on this commitment, we established a board diversity and engagement team in July 2020 to identify diverse and exceptional board talent for our clients. As of November 2023, we have helped facilitate 100 diverse placements for both private and public companies.

In partnership with McKinsey, we have also established Spotlight, a 6-month program for select groups of diverse board candidates that provides insights and networking opportunities to both accelerate entry onto corporate boards and support candidates along their board journey.
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Our Progress

as of November 2023

Hear What Board Members Have to Say

“The power of the GS network drives, shapes and sustains future growth of companies with directors that reflect their customers and stakeholders, setting up corporate boards for success now and in the future.”

Sylvia Acevedo
Board Member
Appointed on January 2022

“You get into that loop where if you haven’t been on a board you can’t get on a board. Goldman broadened the aperture.”

Susannah Gray
Board Member
Maravai LifeSciences
Appointed on November 2020

“Goldman Sachs has taken tangible steps to drive sustainable, inclusive economic growth through its commitment to board diversity."

"Not only has Goldman increased the representation of Black directors on the boards of its clients, but it has also created a corporate directors network to help new and established directors stay current on relevant governance issues. Both drive long-term value for stakeholders.”

Jocelyn Moore
Board Member
Appointed on September 2020

“I set the intention of joining a public company Board nearly five years ago and with the help of the Goldman Sachs Spotlight program and their board placement efforts I was introduced to a high growth company and selected to join their board.”

"As the only investment bank that has made a clear and quantifiable commitment to board diversity for companies they take public, Goldman Sachs is leading the industry and driving real impact."

“Through the Spotlight program they are going a step beyond mere policy alone to invest real resources to ensure that their clients have access to exceptional diverse talent and that candidates have access to best in class experts and practitioners to support their board journey.”

Zuhairah Scott Washington
Board Member
Appointed on December 2020

“I'm incredibly grateful to Goldman Sachs for connecting me with a company that was a great fit, ultimately resulting in a board placement I'm thrilled about. Through its Spotlight initiative, Goldman Sachs provided connections and networking opportunities that facilitated my entry into corporate board service, allowing me to make a meaningful contribution to another organization.”

Brie Carere
Board Member
Appointed on March 2022

“In today’s business environment, it’s just not enough for a board to be diverse by numbers, it’s even more impactful for the board to be at the forefront of driving diversity, inclusion, and equity. As we all are aware, a company that embraces diversity within the board, directly impacts the overall performance of the company by driving real change and demonstrating progress to company leadership, employees, customers, investors and communities. As a diverse candidate, utilizing Goldman Sachs’ network, clearly enhanced my opportunities for board selection with companies that are strategic decision-makers, collaborative, and inclusive.”

Ivy Brown
Board Member
Hyzon Motors
Appointed on July 2021