Goldman Sachs 2003 Annual Report Every Catalyst Elicits a Reaction
Goldman Sachs is a catalyst for growth.

Goldman Sachs has established itself as an agent of financial progress for a wide range of clients in markets around the world. In other words, Goldman Sachs is a catalyst—a catalyst for innovation and for economic growth.

Clearly it is our clients, with their aspirations, creativity and risk taking, that ultimately effect change. Yet firms such as Goldman Sachs play a vital role in allocating capital and managing risk so that sophisticated global issuers and investors can maximize their opportunities in today’s marketplace.

As we conduct our broad-reaching businesses in ever more complex markets, our people must continually find new ways to provide access to capital, to achieve attractive returns for our clients and to help them realize their goals.

We are judged—and rightly so—by the decisions we make, the leadership we show and the dedication with which we serve our clients. Goldman Sachs has sustained a decades-long commitment to hiring and training outstanding leaders. For, in the end, it is the quality and integrity of our people working on behalf of our clients that allow us to be a catalyst for innovation and progress.