Systematic Trading Strategies

Expertise in systematic investing. Innovative index solutions to access global financial markets.

Systematic Trading Strategies (STS) is a business group which is responsible for the development of indices and strategies for all financial markets traded within FICC and Equities globally.  

Our Indices and Strategies

Our Systematic Trading Strategies Group gives institutional investors access to sophisticated quantitative investment strategies (QIS) via its extensive product offering. By entering into transactions linked to rules-based indices and strategies developed by STS, investors can benefit from the team’s significant experience and resources in systematic investing and quantitative trading.

Leveraging exceptional infrastructure, we design systematic indices and strategies on global markets across Equities, Interest Rates, Credit, FX and Commodities, ranging from pure market access to carry, relative value, hedging and defensive oriented strategies.

In addition to a broad range of ready-to-trade strategies with live track records, we also offer investors the ability to create custom products to meet their individual requirements.

As well as our fully systematic strategies, we also enable our clients to build their own actively managed strategies, leveraging the Goldman Sachs i-Selectâ„¢ platform on Marquee. Actively managed strategies can be used for execution outsourcing and synthetic trading or to combine systematic and actively managed components within a single index.

Our Platform

Investors can trade our indices and strategies in various formats, including over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, certificates, notes and in fund format. Our clients benefit from full transparency on costs and index composition, typically no performance fees, daily liquidity (depending on product terms) and professional risk management facilitated by a dedicated multi-asset trading desk.

Our service includes extensive pre-trade and post-trade analytics, customizable index reporting capabilities and integration with Marquee and the Goldman Sachs Developer API.

Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategies

Further information on Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategies is available here.

Connect with STS
Connect with STS

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