Navigating the AI Era: How Can Companies Unlock Long-Term Strategic Value?

Navigating the AI Era:
How Can Companies Unlock Long-Term Strategic Value?

Although corporate and consumer applications of Generative AI (GenAI) are still in their infancy… 

AI has been advancing in its technical efficacy over recent decades, with key breakthroughs across its three primary components — compute, model architecture, and data — leading to the pivotal inflection point we’re witnessing today. AI now surpasses key human benchmarks across reading comprehension, image and speech recognition, and language understanding. The usability and interface of early platforms have made the technology accessible to the imaginations of millions. The net result is a new technology era poised to transform nearly every industry, sector, and job function.

…we are observing key themes that will shape the potential economic and strategic impact of this technology. 

In our view, this is more than "business as usual" for decision makers, investors, and the broader public. The rapid rise and mass adoption of GenAI in a relatively short amount of time has led to a velocity of fundamental shifts and strategic decisions we haven’t witnessed since the advent of the Internet and mobile technology. VCs are excited to invest in the next disruptive AI startup, public market investors are eager to understand how AI will impact every sector, and companies are working to understand how AI will fundamentally alter the strategic landscape. 


"We need to think as big as we can… before AI thinks bigger than we do."
Marco Argenti, Goldman Sachs Chief Information Officer


Key Themes Uncovered

  • Enterprise Transformation: AI will drive a new wave of enterprise transformation across all industries and job functions over the next decade.
  • Public Investor Focus: While market value increases have been concentrated in a small number of public companies to date, investors are starting to think expansively about which public and private companies are best positioned to capture value for shareholders.
  • Emergence of Strategic Theses: Although the majority of M&A at this stage has been focused around a small group of early use cases and core-enabling infrastructure, key strategic M&A theses are beginning to form. Strategic investing has taken creative form, including in-kind investment by hyperscale cloud companies and asset- backed structures secured by GPUs and customer contracts.


What Will Unlock a Generative AI M&A Supercycle?



Navigating the AI Era

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