Sprint Week Process

Teamwork and experimentation are at the heart of our process. Throughout the year, Accelerate hosts dedicated sprint weeks focused on intensive business building to empower entrepreneurs as they test their ideas for incubation and prepare to pitch for funding. 

How do you take an idea to the next level?

Throughout the year, Accelerate hosts sprint weeks for teams who progress in our process to build their ideas in advance of ultimately presenting their proposals to firm leadership in order to receive funding. Submitting teams are often cross-divisional, representing the wide expertise and diversity of the firm. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and put collective thinking together to create a path forward to launching a new business.

Highlights from the week include hands-on workshops and market testing to help teams formulate their minimum viable products and produce an effective set of OKRs, visits from chief strategy officer Russ Hutchinson and other senior stakeholders and working on deliverables including a pitch deck, wireframe, and press release.