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Sebastian Junger, Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Author of Freedom

New York Times bestselling author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker Sebastian Junger discusses his latest book, Freedom, his advocacy on behalf of veterans, and reflections on his previous works and his time covering the War in Afghanistan.

Insights from Great Investors

Insights from Great Investors: Antoine Flamarion and Mathieu Chabran, Co-Founders of Tikehau Capital

In this episode, Antoine Flamarion and Mathieu Chabran, co-founders of Tikehau Capital, discuss how they have incorporated ESG into their investment strategy, the process of growing a global firm while cultivating its culture and identity, and the keys to their individual investing success.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Accelerating Transition: Carbonomics

Part 2 of our special miniseries: Host Kara Mangone and Michele Della Vigna, head of Natural Resources Research in EMEA, discuss the role capital markets, public policy, and technology will play in moving toward a sustainable future.

Top of Mind

Inflation: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Sharp upside inflation surprises that have pushed US inflation to 30+-year highs have fueled concerns that “temporary” pandemic-related inflationary pressures could prove persistent, raising the risk of a damaging wage-price spiral that could force the Fed into a costly tightening cycle. Where inflation goes from here—and what that means for the economy, monetary policy, interest rates and assets—is Top of Mind.


The Case for Investing in Emerging Markets Beyond China

Is there a case for dropping China from emerging market (EM) indices? We sat down with Goldman Sachs Research’s Timothy Moe and Sunil Koul to discuss the drivers behind the growing debate to invest in EMs, without China.

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Carbonomics: The Economics of Net Zero

Learn about the wide-ranging variables playing a part in the push to a net-zero carbon future—from government action to tech innovation to market pressures—in our interactive data visualization.

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