10 Years with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

30 OCT 2020

As the National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations came to a close, the firm had a lot to celebrate.

A robust schedule of programs brought together allies and members from the Firmwide Hispanic/Latinx Network (FHLN) for events focused on Latin America’s economic outlook, community voting, career pathing and culinary expertise. This year, Goldman Sachs participated in the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) 2020 Corporate Inclusion Index, where we received 5 stars for Employment, 4 stars in Procurement & Governance, and 3 stars in Philanthropy. 

In keeping with the theme for this year, “Be Proud of Your Past and Embrace the Future,” the Engineering Hispanic/Latinx Network (EHLN) looked ahead to participating in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Convention for the tenth consecutive year.

SHPE is the nation’s largest association dedicated to fostering Hispanic leadership in the STEM field. As we push the boundaries of engineering in the financial services industry, it is essential that our pipeline represents the excellence needed to continue doing so. At this year’s fully-virtual conference, a group of 20 engineers engaged with an estimated 800 candidates to position Goldman Sachs as an employer of choice. From STEM, Business and “SHPEtina” panels, to individual 1:1 conversations at the Hospitality Suite and Career Fair, participating members of the EHLN discussed themes of what brought them to the firm, what has kept them here, and what it means to be Hispanic/Latinx at Goldman, in the hopes of inspiring candidates see themselves here too. 

Diversity and inclusion are in Goldman Sachs’ DNA, as is recruiting and retaining world-class talent. To achieve the highest levels of commercial success for our clients, it is imperative that our people reflect the communities where we do business. Each year, we meet incredible engineers at SHPE, and we are thrilled to see SHPE membership grow at the firm. At Goldman Sachs, there are many opportunities for individuals to stay engaged with the Hispanic/Latinx community, especially through our employee inclusion networks. These offer sponsorship and mentorship opportunities from senior employees within the group, access to a network of like-minded colleagues from across the globe, ways to get involved in recruiting, and so much more.

"As a person of color, in the financial services industry, I am conscious of the fact that my responsibility in terms of my career goes way beyond myself and my family: it’s about paying it forward to others, and helping build a pipeline of diverse talent to disrupt the industry in ways we haven’t done yet. SHPE provides us with opportunities to engage with students and professionals who bring to the table the talent, creativity, and engineering expertise that we are looking for as we continue to disrupt the face of technology on Wall Street." 

- Rob Fuentes, head of Legal, Conflicts & Audit (LCA) Engineering

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