Goldman Sachs Summer Intern Insights — Volume 3

Over the last several weeks, our interns have been immersed in their projects and learning all they can about the firm before the summer comes to an end.

We’ve been checking in through our Summer Intern Insights series, which gathers real time reflections on what our interns are loving most during the program. Take a look at what they had to say as we wrap up the 2021 program:  

What have been some of your favorite moments from your time at the firm?

Global Investment Research, London

"There have been so many really exciting opportunities during the internship but my favorite so far has been the ‘Top Tips’ session with Kyle Williams and Kene Ejikeme through the Firmwide Black Network. Having the chance to hear from incredibly impressive people who are also encouraging and inspiring has genuinely transformed my outlook on my own career. Their journeys to their current roles has allowed me to raise my aspirations for what someone from a similar background to me can achieve."

Human Capital Management, New York

"The Fireside Chat with Maeve Duvally and Torrey Peters left me with a greater understanding of privilege, gender, and the significance of diverse storytelling. Moreover, I was introduced to transgender fiction and look forward to supporting the up-and-coming genre. I was looking forward to attending this event because I was familiar with Torrey’s book, Detransition Baby, and have never been exposed to the transgender fiction genre and wanted to learn more. It was moving to hear them share their unique experiences and be able to relate and draw comparisons."


Investment Banking Division, Beijing

“I think Goldman Sachs is a place where people are willing to share and teach. Almost every two weeks, we would have an intern cohort event, during which senior bankers were invited to share their views on recent dynamics in capital markets, different sectors, regulatory changes, etc., which were extremely insightful. It was a highlight to have the chance to work on many exciting live deals, pitches, and also a sector book on Chinese retail, which covers many different industries."

Engineering, Singapore

"Throughout my summer, I had the opportunity to work directly with people from all over the world. Working from my home in Singapore, I truly felt the geographical boundaries breaking down as I collaborated with people across Singapore, London, Bengaluru and the New York offices on projects virtually together. Given the current pandemic situation, the importance of communication was highlighted as I connected and worked with people from different divisions, regional offices and time zones."

Investment Banking Division, New York

"I really enjoyed attending the session with Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue. It was an incredible opportunity to engage with and learn from Robin about his career and current leadership role. As an intern with the industrials team, it is an amazing experience to be in front of the CEO of JetBlue and to have the opportunity to interact with him in a fascinating conversation. My biggest takeaway from the session was Robin's emphasis on forming honest relationships in order to build a team-oriented culture that propels a company through challenges and fosters a genuine willingness to work hard and strive for success."


How has your internship at Goldman Sachs helped shape your plans for the future?

Consumer and Wealth Management Division, Dallas

"This internship has helped shape the plans for my future in a tremendous way and has taught me to be confident in myself and my work. It has exposed me to some of the smartest professionals from different walks of life and has taught me the value in genuine connections. I’m surrounded by people that want to see me grow and lead which is something I want for myself in the future."

Internal Audit, London

"This internship has prepared me well for the future by giving me great insight into the culture of Goldman Sachs and what working within Internal Audit entails. I have learnt the importance of being proactive, asking questions and making the most out of every opportunity you are presented with."


Operations, Singapore

"My summer internship at Goldman Sachs was one of the most enriching experiences I have had as a student. I was challenged with tasks that allowed me to put my skills to practical use and create value for my team. Apart from picking up relevant work-related skills in the Global Markets Operations Division, the program allowed me to enhance other soft skills through ample networking and presentation opportunities. The highlight of this internship was being surrounded by encouraging mentors who were always ready to answer my questions and guide me through my projects. I realized that although a lot of my colleagues worked in the same field, they had different backgrounds and stories that gave them a unique perspective in the team. I found that these diverse, insightful, perspectives helped me better plan my career in the banking industry."


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