Can You Crack the Code? Honoring Alan Turing [Solution Revealed]

23 JUN 2021

Join us in honoring Alan Turing’s legacy on the anniversary of the famed mathematician’s birthday. Become a codebreaker and solve this one from Goldman Sachs Engineering. Scroll down for the solution.

Need a hint?

Turing earned his PhD in math and went on to become one of the most influential computer scientists in history. His foundational work factored into allied success in World War II. He will be honored by the British government today. 

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Did you break the code?

To arrive at the solution take the hexadecimal number and divide it by the decimal number 1746 (the founding year of Princeton University, where he received his PhD), which will give us another ascii number which spells out 50POUND.  The 50 pound note featuring Alan Turing enters circulation in the UK today, his birthday.  Two hints in the setup are: (1) the explicit mention of his PhD, which was from Princeton, and (2) 1746 is a factor of this number, which is hinted out by the word “factored” in the clue.