Africa Recruiting Initiative 2021: Industry Connect Event

14 MAY 2021

The firm recently convened a group of industry professionals, academics, thought leaders, Goldman Sachs engineers and recruiters for the Africa Recruiting Initiative’s (ARI) Industry Connect event.

ARI, a recruiting initiative connecting Goldman Sachs with students in cities across Africa, was launched following a 2017 investment summit in Ghana to strengthen the firm’s ties to the continent, partner with local institutions and businesses, expand opportunities to students and collaborate with local leaders to offer mentorship and resources. This year, the firm expanded the program to four countries through new avenues of virtual connection, notwithstanding the challenges of the COVID pandemic.

The event began with opening remarks from Leke Osinubi, the chief risk officer for the Core Engineering business unit, and Ayaz Haji, global head of Data Content within Data Engineering. The 2021 ARI program included lectures, panel discussions and country-specific dialogues on topics ranging from the current state of higher education and industry relationships, the role of mobile technology in disrupting traditional institutions and how the pandemic is driving a shift to self-reliant manufacturing in many African nations. Attendees also heard from current Goldman Sachs engineers who were recruited to the firm through the program.

“Each year we look forward to this event as our recruiting program concludes. It’s great to hear from our industry partners about what issues are top of mind for them, and learn how we can better support the industry and higher education ecosystem on the continent.”
- Nonye Ndekwu, a vice president in Engineering Campus Recruiting

The firm received over 1,700 applications for the 2021 program and accepted 160 participants to the program from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Cameroon, before extending offers to 26 individuals for internships in London. The program concluded with the ARI Industry Connect Event, as it does each year, by connecting Goldman Sachs engineers and recruiters with professionals from the industry, academia and non-profits to explore the path forward for the program and how it can help give back to the continent.

“This annual dialogue with our partners on the continent demonstrates a key feature of our Africa Recruiting Initiative—the firm’s interest and investment in building a sustainable and mutually favorable relationship with our partners on the ground. We look forward to building on our learnings from the session and expanding the program further next year.”
- Nonso Ogbonna, chief solutions architect for Digital Strategy in the Engineering division

The ARI Industry Connect Event is a core component of ARI. It is an opportunity for Goldman Sachs Engineering to build and nurture relationships with individuals at the forefront of driving technological change across the continent.

Learn more about how the program has evolved over time:


  • Africa Recruiting Initiative (ARI) is established


  • First Africa Recruiting Initiative (ARI) roadshow is held.
  • Received over 1,000 applications for the 2018 program; extended offers to 18 individuals from Nigeria and Ghana, for an internship in London.
  • Close to 90% converted to full-time analysts


  • Received over 1,500 applications for the 2019 program; accepted 133 participants from 23 schools across Nigeria and Ghana to the initiative, extended offers to 20 individuals, for an internship in London and Hong Kong.
  • 70% converted to full-time analysts 


  • First year in Kenya.
  • Received 1,200 applications for the 2020 program; accepted 164 participants from 26 schools across Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya to the initiative, extended offers to 31 individuals for an internship in London and Hong Kong.
  • Internship is held virtually for the first time.
  • All interns received full-time analyst offers