Ask the Recruiters: When to Start Exploring Opportunities

19 MAR 2018

In our Ask the Recruiter series, our recruiting team answers popular questions and offers their best advice.  In this blog post, Kara, a member of the University Relations Team, and Chauncey, a member of the Diversity Recruiting Team, talk about the best time to explore opportunities at Goldman Sachs, and more.

When is the right time to start exploring opportunities at Goldman Sachs?

Kara: “We get this question often, especially since more firms, including Goldman Sachs, have changed their application periods and in some cases have moved them forward in the  calendar. So it’s really never too early —and rarely too late—to explore opportunities at Goldman Sachs.”

Chauncey:  “Of course we realize that each candidate’s journey is going to be different but there are some steps that can be taken during each year of undergraduate education. Our advice is to consider the year you’re in and take some steps in career exploration and try to plan ahead.” 

What are some of the things first- and second-year undergrads should be thinking about?

Kara: First-year students should use this time to think broadly and to explore all career opportunities by attending information sessions and career fairs.  At Goldman Sachs, we have Exploratory Programs which help give students some insights into what it’s like to work here and what a career in financial services industry is like.”

Chauncey: “For second-year students, in the spring it’s all about preparation. The 2019 application period for Goldman Sachs Summer Internship Program opens on July 1, 2018, and most financial services firms open theirs around the same time. It is important to understand the timeline for the program you are applying to and gather all the necessary application components – from your resume to academic transcript.”

I’m in my third year at school—it’s a busy year. What’s your perspective as recruiters?

Kara:  “The summer leading up to and autumn of your third year are typically the most active for interviewing and, hopefully, receiving an offer for an internship for the following summer. During third-year spring—whether or not you have an offer—try to attend events on campus and build relationships with the people you meet. Check out My GS Events to see what’s coming up, including our virtual webinars."

I’m not interning with the company I really want to work for.  What’s your advice?

Chauncey: “If during your fourth year of study, you’re not interning with the company you are looking to work with full-time, work hard during your summer internship and reconnect with the recruiters and professionals you may have previously engaged with at your target company. Get an understanding of full-time roles. If it’s Goldman Sachs, take a look at our full-time positions and for any upcoming events near you."