Women Making Things Possible in the World of Finance

26 FEB 2019

Goldman Sachs invited over one-hundred women from leading universities across India to learn about the firm, its culture and people during its fourth annual Women Emerging in Finance event on January 25th in the Bengaluru office.

Participants spent a day with our leaders and professionals learning about careers in the financial services industry and hearing insights on what contributes to having a successful career.

Vidya Lakshmi, head of Human Capital Management in Bengaluru, welcomed the participants emphasizing our seventh business principle, "For us to be successful, our men and women must reflect the diversity of the communities and cultures in which we operate. That means we must attract, retain and motivate people from many backgrounds and perspectives. Being diverse is not optional; it is what we must be."

Shradha Negi, lead for the Campus Recruitment Team in Bengaluru, moderated a fireside chat with Gunjan Samtani, a managing director and co-head of Goldman Sachs Services in India and global co-head of Risk Engineering. He shared the Bengaluru growth story and emphasized it as an  important strategic imperative for the firm. Gunjan encouraged the audience to be determined for success with continuous commitment and rigor.

Throughout the day, participants gained insight into the broader aspects of the financial services industry through case study sessions hosted by Goldman Sachs professionals representing different divisions. Senior leaders of the firm also interacted with the participants helping them to understand various factors that could impact their career decisions and help them transition from campus to corporate.

Shubha Iyer, a managing director and the lead for Engagement and Governance pillar of Quality Assurance Engineering globally, shared closing remarks with the audience, encouraging them to stay curious and surround themselves with people who will challenge their ideas.

The event concluded with a networking dinner where the participants got further opportunity to connect and interact with Bengaluru leadership.

“Getting the opportunity to interact with the senior leaders was great, and it was an absolute delight to meet them and hear their life stories,“ remarked one of our participants. “The event was really insightful and it covered a lot of different things in a short span. It provided an opportunity to know about GS and the various departments” noted another participant.