Changes in Campus Recruiting

24 JUN 2016

Students on campus will soon have new ways to connect with Goldman Sachs for learning about career opportunities and interviewing with the firm.

The firm announced key changes to how it recruits undergraduate students on campuses globally, starting in July. The changes are designed to make the recruiting process more convenient for prospective candidates, while allowing the firm to meet a larger number of students interested in careers at the firm.

Beginning July 1, applications for summer and full-time analysts will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the summer and school year. The flexible timeline gives students the option to start the application process when they are ready.

Another key change is the introduction of pre-recorded video interviewing for first-round interviews. Instead of in-person interviews, we will ask candidates selected to enter the process to record a video interview as an initial step. Students can interview whenever and wherever they would like, without disrupting their school day. Goldman Sachs professionals and recruiters will continue to be on campus this fall, spending more time meeting students and helping them find the right opportunities at the firm. Video interviewing will apply to all regions except India, which will continue on-campus interviewing.

Interviews will also follow a more structured format going forward. Questions will assess a standardized set of characteristics to increase consistency in the evaluation process and help us make more data-driven decisions in our hiring.

CNBC reports: “The changes are part of Goldman's efforts to hire a more diverse workforce, one made up of people from different economic, educational and geographic backgrounds but who share characteristics the company sees as essential to be able to work at the bank including judgment, problem-solving and integrity.”

We are confident that the changes will broaden our reach and help us hire the best candidates for every opportunity at Goldman Sachs.

View this infographic for a step-by-step guide to the application process.

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