Goldman Sachs Hosts an Engineering Recruiting Event in Ghana

05 SEP 2017

Goldman Sachs hosted Computer Science and Engineering students for a career advice and recruiting event in Accra, Ghana on August 23rd.

Lisa Opoku, global chief operating officer of Engineering at Goldman Sachs, delivered the keynote speech and welcomed the students to the event. She was joined by other Goldman Sachs employees for the evening. Lade, a vice president on the Engineering University Relations team, led an overview session on Goldman Sachs Engineering, sharing information on the various career paths available to prospective engineers. Joel, a vice president in Engineering, guided a competitive and fun round of technical puzzles and brain teasers.  

The event concluded with a Q&A panel session where Goldman Sachs engineers shared their experiences and career advice. Several of the panelists were able to share similar personal experiences from their formative education in Africa, which eventually led to careers at Goldman Sachs. 

Events in countries like Ghana offer the firm an opportunity to recruit diverse and talented engineers.  Alex, a student of Computer Science from Ashesi University in Ghana, said the event gave him a window into the opportunities available at a global company like Goldman Sachs.